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Government to promote new Southward Policy, many Taiwan businessmen to invest in Vietnam consideration, HSBC Holdings chairman Cheung Ming Fai reminded swim south to investors, companies must seek to build the core competitiveness, if just keep thinking about the use of local low-wage conditions, doomed only “nomadic” every so often you have to relocation, can not take root.

In recent years, many Taiwanese have withdrawn from the mainland, because of low wages just want to take advantage of local conditions, but failed to take the opportunity to build their core competitiveness, wage hike with the mainland every year, ultimately had to withdraw.

Minghui said that the early years, many Taiwanese businessmen to invest in Vietnam, is a fancy local low-wage environment, but Feng Xiang set up factories in Vietnam beginning, it invested heavily in automated production equipment, other Taiwanese were laughing silly.

But tour Minghui believes that the production of metal parts, precision is Xiangdangzhongyao, so Feng Xiang Japanese insist on purchasing expensive equipment, machine, product quality and establish a good reputation; despite the high initial operating costs, but later was able to win the Japanese steam locomotive manufacturers purchase orders, cut into the international supply chain, are founded on the year long-term investment horizon.

Time and space changes, Vietnam wage levels also rose up and had his laugh Taiwan, now can laugh all day long plagued the factory closed, or that turn into other, more backward country.

Build core competitiveness of enterprises, in addition to travel Minghui investment in equipment, investment in Vietnam more local talent. He believes that if the employees want a mechanic, the other will be considered “just a job” work, but Feng Xiang is when the employee talent, when the “engineer” in training, so that employees have the space to grow and learn, people will naturally leave, Feng Xiang is used.

Fung Cheung invest more engineer to learn the latest design, production technology skill, coupled with the hard nature of Vietnamese workers, let Feng Xiang to undertake a large number of international customers Steam Locomotive Works subcontracted product design to help customers shorten product development time, reduce design load, and the degree of adhesion between the natural customers increasingly tight, willing to put more parts orders to Fung Cheung.

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