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The company donated 15 scholarships to the College of Agriculture opening in October.

To support poor families in the winter, the company cooperated with 2 suppliers (Hanoi Steel, Minh Dung) in collaboration with Tam Dao Red Cross to donate blankets to 3 communes (Minh Quang, Ho Son and Hop Chau), a total of 35 households were awarded.

The company donated an initial capital of 24 million VND to organize the 2nd Love Engagement Fair. With the enthusiastic participation of all the company’s staff, the final proceeds of the event were 143,000,000 VND. All of which were handed over to company’s Labor Union, which was earmarked to help company’s employees in difficult circumstances before the Lunar New Year.

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At the opening time, the company went to Vinh Phuc Provincial Technical College to award scholarships, value 1 million VND each, a total of 15 scholarships.

Responding to the International First Aid Day activities organized by Vinh Phuc Red Cross Society and Vinh Phuc Provincial Party Committee, the General Director and 30 employee representatives went to Ho Chi Minh Square to attend the celebration and give 50 helmets as gift for poor families.

In addition, in Khai Quang Ward where the company set headquartere, we launched a fundraising activity to build a charity house for a household in the poorest circumstances, the company donated 10 million VND.

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In order to help students in difficult circumstances, at the beginning of school, VPIC1 donated scholarship to the Vocational College of Agricultural Mechanics, 1,000,000 VND per student, 25 in total.

This year, VPIC1 especially moved charity activities toward the company’s employees, supporting family employees in difficult circumstances. VPIC1 donated 26,000,000 VND as the initial fund. By organizing “Love Bonding Fair”, with the enthusiastic support of all employees of the company, the final activity proceeds of 113,248,000 VND, all of this money is handed over to the company’s labor union, with the purpose of supporting employee families in difficult circumstances.

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The Chairman of the Board of Directors representing for VPIC1 is honored to receive the XXIV Taiwan Pan Shih Award Cup

“Ban Thach Award” (National Award of Outstanding SMEs) is an affirmation of achievements of Taiwanese enterprises, in order to recognize successful business activities abroad, achieve excellent results in all aspects, and made contributions to the social community in Taiwan as well as the international community in the country of residence.

On November 8, 2022, Chairman Yu Ming Hui is honored to receive the 24th Ban Thach Award in Taipei, Taiwan by President Tsai Ing-Wen.

The Chairman affirmed that this is the result of each team member’s efforts, and achieving this national award is a great affirmation and encouragement for us. This honor belongs to everyone, thank for the dedicated efforts of each member.

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Lunar new year is coming. Every family wishes to be well prepared to welcome the new year, but for families with difficult circumstances, this small wish seems extremely difficult. VPIC1, joining hands with the Red Cross Association of Vinh Phuc Province, went to Song Lo District and Vinh Yen City to send gifts and cash to 63 households with difficult circumstances, contributing a part of their efforts to realize the wish of a happy and healthy new year for everyone. 

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On April 25, 2021, at the Hall of the Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Science and Technology solemnly held the 2019-2020 National Quality Awards ceremony. 

The National Quality Awards is an annual form of honor and commendation at the national level by which the Prime Minister bestows and rewards organizations and businesses that have achieved excellent results regarding quality in production, sales and services.

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After the Labour Day, a new Covid-19 wave broke out in Vietnam. Vinh Phuc province was one of the outbreak points. The provincial government responded quickly, quarantined, and even implemented a 10-day social quarantine in Vinh Yen City.

Epidemic prevention work requires a lot of medical resources. Based on the empathy as the citizens of Vinh Phuc Province, VPIC1 donated 20 high-end electric medical beds with three-motors system, with total price of 700,000,000 VND.

On 4/Jun/2021, witnessed by the Chairman of Vinh Phuc Province, Mr. Thanh, VPIC1’s President, Andy Wu, on behalf of the company, awarded to Vinh Phuc Red Cross. This Organization, then, arranged to send to Vinh Phuc Obstetric and Pediatric Hospital for installation and use. This is one of 7 hospitals for curing Covid-19 in Vinh Phuc.

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The first quarter 2021

The first quarter 2021

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